Why trusted update taking so much time?

We have created an item update request 4 hours ago, why does its taking too much time when the update is being treated as “Trusted Update”?

It used to go live within 10 min. Now its been 4 hours, and its till not processed.

I subscribe to what @infiwebs says.

I thought it’s only me. Request was done also 4 hours ago. It used to take 5 mins.

This happened to me last week. I made a trusted update and waited 2 days. I then made the update again and it went through after 2 minutes or so. I’m guessing there is an issue with the update server but not sure what it could be.

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Cool, tried uploading another but it says:
A Trusted Update is already being processed for this Item

I guess we’ll have to wait 2 days like you did.

Yeah, tried updating for the second time, and it says its already being processed. Lets see if anyone from @envato check and replies

Meh, I guess we have to wait for 2 days like @Typps did.
Its been 8 hours, still no update :frowning:

1 hour, nothing new.

Last time took 3 mins.

The system is back!

Yeah, finally its back. Lets see if another item update process within time :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe their automated system found something “suspicious” in your previous updates and flagged updates for manual review? Just a thought because Envato team said about possible manual reviews for trusted updates when introducing this feature to Code Canyon

Nah, I had ticket opened with them, and they said it was due to some maintenance, and the auto update was already processed. If the updates are flagged for manual review, the won’t say “Trusted Update is being processed”.

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