Trusted Update Approval Time Is Increased?

Hi folks,

I expect something strange with the trusted updates. Usually, my updates are implemented within 10-15 minutes, but now I have updated a few items & from the first item circa 1 hour passed by, and the changes still not show up… Anybody else is expecting this?


Yes, trusted update approval time has increased.

as far I know trusted update approval time not changed/increased. sometimes it can take upto few hours but not always.

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For me this was the first time, when it was more than 15-20 minutes, so it was surprising. This is why I asked, and I left here this thread if anybody else is expecting the same.

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It happened once to me too.

All you need to do is publish another update and it will take that one quicker. Might be a slight glitch somewhere where it misses the 1st one

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