why this construction flyer is rejected? please help friends

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What can I tell… This flyer violate all graphic design rules and principles it’s bad from top to bottom. How can we help you if you don’t want to learn. Probably graphic design is not for you.

Please don’t listen to anyone telling you “design is not for you”.
This didn’t help at all.
you just need to look into the composition more, and here is a start point

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That video is really really good and very useful for lots of new authors.

That said, with respect, there’s a lot more wrong here than just the composition. You need to resolve issues with typography, hierarchy, spacing, and more.

Not particularly aimed at just this item (there’s an unfortunate volume of examples in these forums), I do think it is a difficult balance.

It’s reasonable to expect people who wish to sell in a premium marketplace to have a decent grasp on the basics, or where this is not the case for them to be able to be realistic about the time, effort, respect, and experience required to reach that level.


We gave him lots of feedbacks / examples / references / explanations and he just repeat the same mistakes all over again. You can check his previews posts. He wants only to pass the review with low quality items and made some quick bucks. He is not interested in learning.

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i have 2 hours every day to study. I work another time. now I wanted to study this field and make money through it. You say design isn’t for me, but I try to learn as much as I can. At first I thought graphic design was easy but now I understand how difficult it is.

If you want to learn it’s a good thing. As we told you before start with basics and don’t rush.