why the sell have become low ?

I am a themeforest author and i have some approved themeforest html template.but the sale rate is so much low.and its not in my case only.other authors having the same problem ! Whats the problem ? Can anyone suggest ?
My profile-https://themeforest.net/user/creative-hunk/portfolio

I think you need to work on your thumbnails and preview images. With so many Wordpress Themes, I don’t have time to look at the live preview unless the preview image is really good, and I don’t have time to look at the preview image unless the thumbnail is really good.

With 10,000 themes I can afford to be picky and I’m not going to have time to, or want to, look at hundreds or even dozens of live previews.

Take your Gemini preview image for example… in my opinion, that’s the best out of the bunch, but it’s also got the worst thumbnail. So based on the thumbnail that I don’t like, I’m not even going to look at the preview image which I do like. As a result, I’m not going to check out the theme and I’m not going to buy the theme. Even if it’s really good.

THat’s the way I see it anyway. Other buyers might think differently. Although, might be worth taking the time to look at the preview images and thumbnails of some best sellers… get an idea of what works, what doesn’t and take away some best practices from it.

Bottom line… the way I see it, buyers can afford to be picky here as there’s so much choice. Don’t give them any reasons not to buy your item.


I just like your answer @SpaceStockFootage

and also let’s add here: typography, paddings, colors, block layouts…I apologize for honesty and excessive candor, but I don’t understand how such works were approved on ThemeForest.

Can u give me screenshot of the problem u mentioned ?
Also u should share your portfolio so i can learn something from your items.

No, since it takes a lot of time from me.
And you need to stop thinking that I owe you something. You can use a search to find my portfolio by yourself.

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