1rst theme approved BUT ..

Good Hello Guys ,

after about 10 soft rejections , i got my first WordPress theme accepted .


still i have a question for you …

its about 24 hours since it was approved and still no sales even tho there are about 150 visits to my preview . but no sales , i have a live chat plugin on my preview with a message trigger to get visitors to engage and ask questions . but they don’t . which is leaving me in big DOUBT on why is that , im not sure if my theme is not good enough or what problem it might ,

PLEASE give me any advice you can . im NEW to themeforest .

I CANT WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU & Thanks in advance.


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Just wait.

when i look at it first thing that come to my mind is the text is really too big and not distributed in a evenly way on main page… also you are using image really too heavy to not have a preload on your page it take a while for image to show up completely that can affraid many people

Sorry to say, but its the design and the quality of the product. Some time ago, when the design quality standard for approval was set higher, it would have been rejected.

Since Envato shifted their approach and lowered the bar, now customers decide if theme is good enough - this is what many new authors were asking for, they thought reviewers don’t know a thing and that people would buy their theme if it was approved. As the result we now see many disappointed new authors with low sales and no motivation to improve and create better product.

Don’t lose motivation and work more on the design for your next product, look for inspiration on good design related websites and you will get there :slight_smile:

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Hey there MNKY , motivation is all i got , so don’t worry i’ll get there ,

would you mind checking it out again and letting me know if there are anythings i need to change ?


My suggestion is to disable or toggle off the chat. It is too aggressive. I just opened the demo and bang…the chat was already opened. In my opinion this is not a professional thing.

Even if you have visits this doesn’t mean that 150 people (or number of views) wanted to buy your item. Some are just checking new items, some are search for new design ideas and many other reasons :slight_smile:

150 visits in the first 24 hours are almost nothing. They’re just the users checking out new approved items.
Later on, 1 sale in every 300 views is even considered lucky. So don’t lose faith.

Looking at your theme, I actually got the feeling of being suffocated… It’s like too much of everything.

Layout is broken on mobile and tablet