Finding a theme on themeforest is incredibly difficult! > SUGGESTION

Most themeforest authors upload a logo or advertising icon instead of a thumbnail image of their themes. This means that a buyer has to hover or click through every listing to even see what the theme looks like. This is extremely time consuming! I am a long-time envato customer - I’ve spent a lot - but I can’t recall the last time I bought a theme here. However, I would like to! I just don’t have the hours and hours it would take to go through even a small number of themes to find the right one for a given project. I guarantee you that there are thousands of people who give up because they don’t have the time to dig through themes this way. There needs to be a way to search by actual thumbnail screenshots!


I do agree, but don’t think this can be resolved. To any authors that don’t include a real screenshot of your themes in your preview images - I hope you know you’re losing a lot of business.

When I browse through any of the Envato markets, I don’t generally click on an item unless the thumbnail/preview image looks good. If they decided not to include product image in there, then I skip right over it.

This is not really something Envato can fix, but rather the authors who misuse the preview images.

could I ask you which you customers like the most?
A - Very good looking & unique & modern thumbnail without theme’s screenshot
B - Quite good looking thumbnail with few screenshots
C - Not good thumbnail with many screenshots

Just 1 screenshot is fine so I can easily see what the theme looks like (in general).


I totally agree with you about the difficulty to find the right theme. There are too many themes, all the same, and a ever bigger quantity of low quality. Currently the only solution is to open every theme sequentially, and this require a very big amount of time.

For me the only solution is the create a better organization of the themes by add more categories,attributes and sections.

Add to every theme a set of fixed attributes that. Like:

  • Multimedia gallery included
  • Post type engine
  • Event calendar included

And also like.

  • Multipurpose big themes (100+pages or demos)
  • Multipurpose themes
  • One page
  • Fullpage/fullscreen
  • Small themes

And create also a new area dedicated to the True High quality themes due currently a big amount have quality that is truly lower than the better ones.

Customers want to see an actual screenshot, of the theme’s front page, and they want to see it appear in the search results list. It is ok to have multiple screenshots on the item’s description page, but to get a customer to click through to that page, they need to know that the theme has the basic look and feel that they are searching for. Of course, some themes will have different front page options. In that case, I suggest choosing the most compelling screenshot to appear in the search results. You can also change it periodically to one of the other layouts, to see which one gets the most interest.

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To put all of this another way, imagine that you visit a store where all the merchandise is in boxes on a shelf. However, none of the boxes indicate what is inside. So, to find what you are looking for, you have to open and look inside every box. Now, imagine there are thousands of those boxes. That is why it is so difficult for customers to find themes on themeforest. They need to be able to see what the themes look like from the search results. This means the search results should be actual screenshots.