Why never help me my forum?

Hi All,

I need Your Valuable Feedbacks on My New Design. Before i submit my design on TF I need feedback from professionals. Please feel free to give me feedbacks.

link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bceum0hlc5goick/01_homepage.png?dl=0

Thanks in Advance.

where is your design ? please show us.


again nothing help me!!!

You are trying to make a theme for ThemeForest for more than a year now (formerly under a different account name). During that time you’ve created many threads and received countless of feedback so please, stop saying that nobody is trying to help you, we just already grew tired of it. The good thing is that you are definitely making some improvements, but you are still far from required quality.

To give you some feedback on this recent design:

1.) Typography is very, very poor
2.) Images are amateurish, especially this second image of woman on the right is downright vulgar (don’t get me wrong, the woman is hot, but in kinda slutty way:)
3.) the rest is mediocre at best, there are hundreds of better looking resume designs already on ThemeForest

So keep up practicing, checking out sites like Dribbble and recent approved themes on TF, reading tutorials and so on. Just please, STOP crying that nobody is helping you, this is not a kindergarten. Good luck!

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Yes I understand you but your have reason but I need typography better many thans for your feedback my design, regards.

This “no one helps me” attitude seems really familiar, is this a new account?

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New account because forgot my password remove windows my pc, support can remove my account old?

The best advice that has been given before is to pick a format and stick to it.

And now you are back on a web PSD design.

Until you focus your efforts and stop rushing you are doing more harm than good and almost certainly will not be approved.

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Nothing understand me, I problem am DEAF serious no jake, I not have a work, I neeed money because I have a children 8 years old, nothing understand me.

Please speaking help me my skype if you have a dude.


I not can live in peace

As said by some here, it’s not bad. But overall lack of consistency. The fonts are too small. The white part with the woman … it really lacks taste. I advise you to read books on the overall design. The arrangement of shapes and colors. I wish you good luck!

I understand typography 15pt and line-height: 24 pt, it correct but I wrong use fonts all my psd 13pt and line-height 21pt see too small, I am dumb.

If you perceive yourself as a trash can, imagine how others may perceive you. You should consult a doctor. This was my last comment. Good luck.

Yes, I make a restoraunt my psd but need themeforest more .psd (I make 15 psd or more)

I actually my psd but it’s trash, only see my learn .psd better that before :wink:

demo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3r7bw7z8l1fbgpl/01_homepage1.png?dl=0