Help Required Please Help me !!!

Hello Everyone, is my new template so i need your important feedback before submission .I ask every time for help but i don’t get any answer so please give me you suggestions .Please

With all respect, if you upload your item you get super hard reject.
The design is very poor and need improve it, it’s frustrated i know…
I put you a link a few days ago for getting a bit inspired. :+1:

Good Luck !

Hello Thanks for suggestion but your given link is for top templates in themeforest but as well you need to look those template which sales very less their designs very less as compare to my my template .so i don’t think its hard reject anyway thanks for help

Well this is why they don’t get sales… It’s easy to understand… :grinning:

But some authors tell me good idea they don’t tell me about design i don’t think what to do right now.Your item as well not get enough sales so do you think your design looks bad at any point .So i think anyone can’t judge their own design

Last Please Provide me Feedback (yes or no)

Good or Average quality design yes or no)
Well, rich and unique features (yes or no)
Nice visual or Low visual appeal (yes or no)
Valid Html (yes or no)

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