Why my WordPress theme rejected?!!



Hi guys. I recently submitted a product landing page WordPress theme. it’s rejected due to unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward!
Can anyone tell me what is the problem?
Here is the live demo: http://zedthemes.com/teaserwp/

Thank you very much


It’s confusing when reviewers don’t give a direct reason as to why they didn’t like an item. But usually if you take inspiration from what’s popular right now on design sites in your niche it goes a long way to helping get your item approved. Try looking at Dribbble and Behance for ideas. Details are super important so go back and look at fonts and colors, consider using custom icons for your icon boxes, review the border radius for page elements (personally I like to use a consistent radius on elements, but that’s just me), make sure your paddings and margins are even, etc. Sometime it just takes a few tries before an item is accepted :slight_smile:


This item looks outdated and needs major improvements for typography and spacing however if you redesigned them this is not guarantee it will be accepted because you also need to introduce some trending features.

This could be helpful 2018 Design Trends Guide for Authors


Thank you:grinning: