Why My theme was hard rejected? Please help

My WordPress theme got hard rejected. Can you please see the link below and suggest me how I can improve it?


Thank you

Hi , Design quality is way below Envato standards … There’s a lot of issues in your template , Spacing , Typography , Visual Hierarchy , Your choice of colours , And that heading font thought …

You may want to check these links


Good Luck .

The best option with this is to forget it and start again. With all due respect there is far too much wrong to be fixable.

  • fundamentals throughout with typography, alignment, spacing, margins, hierarchy are all off.

  • that’s a whole lot of inline CSS which is not allowed

  • avoidable validation issues in the code

  • the design is not good and feels very basic and outdated

  • the site needs more features, elements etc. to add premium quality/value

Take a look at the quality and attention to detail that goes into big sellers here

After taking a look at you template I gree with @MontuThemes and @charlie4282.

Thank you for your feedback. The inline CSS is dynamically generated via Theme Options. Isn’t that allowed? What can be a better alternative?

If it’s being dynamically pulled in then that should be ok - someone with more WP experience than me may have alternative or tidier solutions.

Other feedback still stands

Thank you for your time and feedback. Much appreciated.