ANOTHER Hard Rejection could someone Help me on that

for the second time, I got a hard rejection could you please help me to figure out what the problem exactly.
Thank you all in advance.

The demo

Too basic, improve your design.

thank you,
are have any suggestions?

Take a look at themeforest templates, and you can find the difference thou, so you can find ideas about how to improve your design.

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I will, thank you again

Meanwhile, I’d share with you some very interesting articles I just found, they might be helpful in the process:


appreciate that thank you @hevada I will spend some time with such helpful topics.

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I think your design quality is out of themeforest item quality standard.

Too much similar design.
Need to Improve Design.


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Thank you @unlockdesign
the main reason for rejecting my item is quality standard as they inform me.
can you help me WHAT the quality standards are? is there any blog or article to follow?

Thank you again I appreciate your contribute.

Visit Envato > Themeforest and research & getting Idea And Must Try To Make Unique Item. :slight_smile:

Keep Spacing every section X & Y Same.
Make All Text Easily Readable.

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Read the articles provided by @hevada , you’ll learn more about Envato standards.

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Thanks, @cssninjaStudio for replying, I’m already following your item and I’m admiring your work.
keep it heigh :muscle: :muscle::muscle:

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Thanks for the kind words ! Being approved is being passionate about this job, keep it up !

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