My HTML-template has been rejected, but I have ideas on how to improve it

Hi guys,

I recently uploaded my html theme on themeforest, which is one page business template and i got hard rejected.
It’s a simple design, i don’t know which part i been mistaken.
It’s w3 validated, crossbrowser tested, well commented, good naming conventions on id and classes, separated css and js external files.


The letter indicated these articles, but did not indicate an article about typography. Hopefully there is no problem with her.

I plan to add blocks about reviews and a blog, as well as a dark theme. I ask you for advice. What could the moderators not like and should we continue to improve this template? I would be grateful for any feedback.

Typography is not good, very bad choice for the main font, not enough contrast across the whole design - everything is white, photos in “Team” section are distorted. This is generally way too simple, a blog page is a bare minimum you should add.


Thank you for your advice. Probably stupid to ask this, but still. What font would you recommend here?

It is your job to figure that out. Check out some inspiration all around the net, check out designs here on ThemeForest. Don’t ask other people what font you should use in your design. I am just giving you an advice that your current choice is a very bad one.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi Kajross,

You could equalize vertical alignment:

The contact section is bland, you could put something in the right side:

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Thank you for your feedback, I will definitely take it into account.

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