Why template HTML was hard rejected

Hello to all:

I was upload my html how 3 months ago but was hard rejected, please explain which error my design? Thank you so much. (below link my website HTML)



nothing help me

Design is not a complete template: check footer, it’s really not finished footer. Looking designed by a fresher. Overall template line height is not correct. Spacing need improved. Blog page has only a single blog and there design, font, spacing all is formatted wrongly. Also there don’t have a Comment form, has link reply but no form to reply. Totally unfinished template with poor design. You have to study and practice more. Now a days more creative products are doing competition.

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Thank you.

how I can fix improved spacing?

It’s not only spacing, you have to improve overall template. The current one will never can get approve. It is very far from the premium template, it is intro label template.

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thank you!!!

I try create other website but I am not sure nothing.

Hey @mgscoder

where errors my spacing? not same to size top and bottom?

Spacing between the elements. Example: Subscription section, blog section, footer, etc.

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I already understand u, for example add a box services padding 50px same all top, left, right, bottom correct?

each section all elements should be looked visually nice. You have to maintain visual hierarchy.


Your current demo will never can get approve. It is very far from the premium template.
You have to make a new one with premium values.

better I inspirations other design for give me ideas category but not copy other designs.

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I not copy and paste my template, I make designs original but I see inspirations others designs.

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