Why my theme selling 70$ but gross 56$?


Hi all!
I have a project on Themeforest. My theme selling 70$ but when user purchased then gross is 56$?
Why? I declared tax ID.
This is my project on TF: http://themeforest.net/item/luxury-responsive-prestashop-theme/14901242?s_rank=7
Please help me. Thank you


I think that it’s normal but it depends your country where you live. your template sell 30% but only usa and australia 50% sell.


Hi you! I don’t think. My country is Vietnam, I declared my tax ID

Please view image, taxes = 0$ But why my gross = 56$ when on ThemeForest is 70$

Thank you.


Sorry, I not know it, you wait other authors help you, regards.


Ok! Thank you so much best friend


The gross is the item price. The item price is the list price ($70) minus 20%. That 20% is called the buyers fee. The $30.80 is the author fee.

If you ignore taxes and GraphicRiver… and if you’re non-exclusive, then the easier way to work it out is that you get 36% of the total list price per sale.

It’s been like that for a while, and isn’t related to taxes.


Hi you.
Thank you. I changed account to exclusive


Good stuff. Now it will still say $56.00 gross, but the fees will show $21.00 rather than $30.80, and the net earnings will be $35 as a result. That’s not including any taxes, just to be on the safe side.