Query about author earings

Hello guys,
Recently our HTML Template, Al Fresco, got approved on Themeforest & we also offered 50% discount on it… But when we got our 1st sale, I noticed only $2.5 added in our account balance.
I don’t know why its happened like that! Please tell me what you guys think & know about this type of issues.

Note: I already submitted my Tax Information on 22 Dec 2015 AEDT

Thanks in advance.

envalab team


Buyer fee in Site Template category is $4, so $8 - $4 = $4

Your author fee is %37.50, so

%37.50 of $4 = $2.50 (Your net earning).

You may increase your price little bit more to earn more.

You can calculate your price with the new ADP rule here. (this tool was made by @keksdieb)

That means, I was not affected by Tax, right?

The tax will be charged from the $2.5, so if the sale is not from US, you won’t get charged by taxes.

You’ll pay tax to your government on that $2.50 if your income exceeds tax threshold. Or as said by @DoughouzForest if the sale is from US you’ll be taxed extra $15% and you’ll get less than $2.50.

I got my answers.
Thank you very much you guys @YDirectionThemes & @DoughouzForest

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