Why my Photography Flyer rejected?

I dont know why Flyer has been rejected. what kind for design graphicriver want?

hi, well as for me i am thinking about two or three things to improve this one a bit
i think that u should drop some shadows under the film. U u should either put somewhere else or completely get rid of the 50% discount circle and change the typo of services to have a better hierarchy of information and for them to look more outstanding

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This flyer design is very nice, creative and unique. I can`t believe this flyer has been rejected.

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this does not mean this is perfect either … u may find some items that are lower quality on sale and thus i understand what u mean by this

good one - this is what is needed


and original too lol this does not mean that all the things that go through are as well as not doesn’t not mean that some good one do make it all the same lol

if we knew, we would all do lol and in this case, maybe they would look for something else afterwards lol well, more seriously, i guess this is not the question that u should ask to yourself but rather how u can bring something good , new and how u can bring something different to the table …

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