Why my item was rejected.?

I got this reply from Envato.

“After completing our review, we’ve determined that ‘AURA - The Best Wedding and Function HTML5 Template’ isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on ThemeForest. As the submission is too far off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion.”

Here is the link for the item I submitted. http://aurathemes.com/themeforest-themes/wedding/theme-1/

Please let me know why am I failed here…? So, I can make things right and relevant next time.

Thanks in Advance

I think the fonts and the colors are not very pretty, use icons instead of images, because on my Retina Screen they are pixelated ! Spacing varies too much between each section, and I think the theme si too black for a wedding template ^^

Thank you Xioyuna for your reply.

Hello auratheme,

  • The hero heading is hard to read and too small. I would increase font size and change the actual font.

  • I don’t think subheading is necessary, it is just giving the overall hero section a “messy” look. I would just keep the “On 27th August 2017”, without “On” .

  • The “Join With Us” button is awful + I would refrain from using buttons (CTA’s) on wedding theme.

  • Hero image slider isn’t necessary at all, as I said before, it’s still just a wedding theme.

  • The body font looks ugly at this size, use some more decent font, Raleway (weight 300 font size 15px), Droid Serif, Poppins etc.

  • Section headings - Font looks ugly, try using Raleway (weight 300).

  • Icons (images) looks cheap + this color makes them even worse, find some good icon pack like Themify, ET icons etc. Don’t use images as icons.

  • I would not use blog section in wedding theme.

Overall theme looks cheap, misses premium charm, that’s the main reason you got hard rejected.
Work on these things, don’t give up, good luck! P.S. How much did you wait in queue to get review?

Well, I am a codecanyon author, so I am not maybe competent as Themeforest authors, since Themeforest asks for higher webdesign standards than Codecanyon, but as a potential customer I will write what I don’t like:

  1. Slider transitions are somehow iritant
  2. I would recommend you another color for your script
  3. Where is your blog post page. Add it or remove blog at all
  4. Add much more features, some original animations

In general, I this theme is sweet, but you must improve overall design quality and give it much more uniqueness i you want to make any success…



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Thank you Branko83 and Thank you LeoneDesign. I waited around a month.