Reason for rejection of theme?

Doc - wrong on the site

Would you look at this theme, friends, sent 2 times was not accepted and did not write any reason. Tell me what’s missing.

Had a quick look through my mobile device, and lets say it has alot of responsive issues

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I wonder what this problem might be, can you help me briefly? Thank you

hi @emrebkts, I’ll go over a small list of modifications to start with but I’m not the one who will decide the way you’ll do your design it’s just considered my points, also the best place to get bugs that you’ll work on is the report of the reviewer.

I’ll go over the basics first going to the design and the other reasons.

Reasons for rejection

  1. using to mush fonts ( 1 font is good, 2 fonts can be good but you’re using 4 google font’s and every one of them has 100, 300, 500, 600, 700 in the URL properties and this will make the website loading the worst, also the fonts didn’t appear in the design fix this and use only 1 font using 400 and 500 as a font-weight (I just think it will go with your idea)).
  2. Using CDN in Envato is something that should never happen ( unless it’s like google maps libs ).
  3. You have 3 missing Png images fix this.
  4. you should really consider some color changing
  5. to mush copyright issues, Envato doesn’t accept any copyright issues at all, I can see that you have working games on your website and i don’t think you have the right to do this, also check your images and other things you included.
  6. all Envato items should be easy to customize and navigate and your’s isn’t that great at that, you’re also using some unreadable classes like _idYHtxGYfO
  7. the demo images quality is important don’t use the angry bird everywhere, just use images that are free to use in your demo and include images from via placeholder in the folders to avoid any copyright violation.
  8. the design need work on ( colors, spaces, typography, backgrounds, images, responsive, sections, the idea in the first place, remove unnecessary element’s and pages, )
  9. you’re using 0 sections and this is not recommended at all
  10. you know that dive where you have 3 games in white cards, you’re using it in most pages and sometimes more than 2 times in one page ( you need to rearrange the template ).
  11. the code isn’t clean and you have some empty attributes
  12. you’re using reset.css but I opened it and it looks like there’s some missing code, also while you’re using bootstrap just remove that rest.css because bootstrap already has its own reboot.
  13. an uncommented code means a rejected item and you’re using 0 comments and your CSS isn’t divided to groups of sections and elements or utilities

I can keep going for a long time but I wanna save time, mine and your’s, your theme is full of errors and problems and things that Envato is registering, no disrespect we are all brothers here my best advice to u is start over considering my notes in the new theme and while it’s you’re first one I guess, try to make it smaller 5 pages at most so when you get rejected you’ll know what to fix, also all the notes above should be respected in case you wanna upload, when you’re building keep asking yourself the next questions and while the answers are positive Envato can accept you.

  • what is the purpose of my design ( who will buy it and what is its category )?
  • if I’m the customer what I would like the designer to do?
  • is the theme easy to understand, edit, add content to it??
  • if I wanna create a website would I use this theme with this price??

last advice: keep working because no one goes accepted the first time, programmers never give up because if they did you would never see the beauty of CSS or the power of PHP or the speed of nodeJS and many more, and now you have to decide either get up again and do win or stop and quit, it’s your call but I recommend keep fighting and you’ll win in the end.


Thanks for your review. I see so many mistakes. I never thought it would be this much. I live in turkey. I found it difficult to get information here (my opinion). I wanted to ask someone a question at linkedin. He said he’d answer me with money, but you looked through it all. Thanks again for informing me.

not a problem at all, the information should be for free that’s is how we get more developers, designers and it’s true that the information is hard to get in some places, I live in morocco and I wasted months and months on thing that I can learn in one month in case I had resources, anyway the next time you wanna review your next item just comment it here in this topic and I’ll happily review it :wink:.


thank you so much. See you for further projects.:smiley:


many responsiveness issues

keep putting in your maximum efforts because there are only few who’s theme gets accepted right in the first stance and others just keep on rectifying and re-submitting

help me
my item is rejected

@firstupthemes, :sweat: sorry I don’t have much time to do a long review but I’ll help as I can, first your theme is good it shows that you know what you’re doing, so you’re good at coding.
so what is the reason of rejection??
your code is clean and commented with no errors ( you have a 404 error of included element ), you’re design isn’t bad at all it’s good ( for a specific category of websites ), from what I see I can’t think of more than 3 reasons that could have been the reason of the hard-reject:

  1. your theme looks like it doesn’t have a category or id doesn’t serve a certain purpose (I know you focus on business but the order of the sections or the sections themself does not look like it, it’s only my personal opinion after 2 days without sleeping, I could be wrong, but as a good thing to do, go to ThemeForest and search for other themes in the same category you wanna create for then create the same number of section or more as the theme all the themes have the same exact section and it’s not a bad thing to make a contact section because another wanna did it, he did it with his own style and ideas and you did the same too, you didn’t copy others work ).
  2. you’re using the same section again and again ( why to chouse us ), no section should be duplicated unless the design changed the second one and it has a role to play in the theme.
  3. you’re using too much of that left blue border, this one is simple.
  4. do a better job with the typography, for example, the pricing plans look good, try to do the same to the whole theme, also you used 2 google fonts that have didn’t make a difference ( a noticed one at less ), and you used more than just 3 font-weight properties in the google font URL so the font is slow in loading plus you’re not using all that in your theme, so as a basic rule ( everything you don’t need or you don’t use just exclude it ).
  5. I don’t know if the contact form is working but it would be better if it’s working ( i don’t know what the Envato reviewer thinks about this but you better include it and it will help you sell ).
  6. ThemeForest is always trying to get the approval requirements higher and higher and while you wanna build a theme it should be able to compete and salle in the market or they will not accept it, take a tour on the market and see what the others did then do better job or the same one (I don’t mean copy their ideas I just mean try to be at the same level as them ).

that’s is it as I think you just should work on the points I said and try to update the design ( it looks a little bit outdated, with all respect nut you look like u only customized lite bit over bootstrap )
I hope u do that and I think it will take one day and i think if you made it look more modern it will give you a good theme :wink:.

@emrebkts pardon me but I said that you left some unfilled attributes, I was talking about the ALT attribute but I just discovered that it’s not a big deal at all, sorry my bad.

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thank you my brother :green_heart:

@firstupthemes, no probleme at all, happy to help

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I really love your product on my more than one blog. i am using your product. more blessed