Why my html template is hard rejected

Hii recently i uploaded new HTML template but it was hard rejected … actually we are confused…
Any one can suggest any way for this time
Plz check ones

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In continuation,
I checked your work on mobile and desktop. As I see, you have already got hard reject.
I can’t say exactly what you should change, but all I see is a clamped design with a lot of issues. Your category is good, but you should work more on a design.
Add more spaces, typography hierarchy is also not good. Change fonts, colors. Icons looks bad. Before you will go and change it, learn more about a web design.
P.S. It’s only my opinion, you should wait advices from some professional authors.

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I guess you’ve got some good advice from @MaitreArt . It seems you’re capable of putting together a decent layout but this is not enough. Think as a site one would buy to build a Netflix competitor.

I would’nt buy yours cause it has too many design flaws. Think about spacing, negative space, minimalism, attention to details, color and font pairing, typography hierarchy and more to list.

You are in my sense on the right path. You just need to keep the motivation up and work more to sharpen your skills, cause nowadays, most of approved authors / teams are highly skilled artists / developers.

Keep up the work, you’ll get there eventually.



Thnaks both @cssninjaStudio and @MaitreArt i got my solution just am working on same and i can do my best, thanks again