My HTML Theme is [Hard Reject]. Need Help!


Hi, I got hard reject my latest HTML template. How can I improve this template? I need your feedback please.

Review team comments:

Regrettably the Help and Quality Teams are unable to offer a critique or feedback on your rejected submission



You have serious design problems.
Also you have problems with your product presentation (You don’t have chosen the happiest images for your theme.)
You have very big problems with typography.
Try to choose a different font icon. Font awesome too too banal and used. You can even create your own icons and transform with this in font .
Try adding more elements and features.
Watch the top products for more inspiration.
Good Luck !


Thanks for your comments! I will try to improve design, typography also product presentation.


@ZakirDesign Please make sure your coding is validated. W3 validate , rectify the errors. all the best for the next submission.


Overall design is good. I see no problem at all. It’s just that your code has errors just like what @dezcoder had said.


@dezcoder Thanks!


@hasyi Thanks! I will fix my code.


Are there more suggestions?