why me sell no approved

hello all
i want to sell mockup skeateboard
and please help me
why sell product mockup

please add demo format .jpg because we can help you thanks.


hi , as Jeri mentioned, pls let us see what was hard rejected so that we can identify what u may have failed to do and how to fix it …


This is message from admin

it’s not email, you need add image preview demo format .jpg

Sorry, you design is too basic, you need learn more designs as professional for approved graphicriver.


what a basic?? me render 3d? or 2d??
because 2d design for mockup this is example

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first design jpg

2d or 3d render?

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design “up an down” (both 2d and 3d)

please explain what details are unprofessional,me model 3d? or example image 2d for mockup thamplate??

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Sorry I not can help you because I never sell model 3d on graphicriver, you can wait other author and also @n2n44 will help you better designs, luck.

hmm ok,and how my origami?? why reject?

why my this post rejcet again no approved

With respect neither item is at the necessary standards.

The skateboards have numerous issues including

  • central graphic is stretched
  • angle and ratio of the render looks skewed
  • the design feels flat in places

The origami designs are better but still a bit basic and, while it’s hard to tell from just the preview, some of the angles don’t look right

Beyond this there are numerous free files like these that with respect execute them with greater detail and accuracy