Why is themeforest not returning money to my bank account?

Hello, I bought a theme by mistake. Then I returned it. He gave me my money as a credit balance. but i want it to be refunded to my bank account. They say they can’t do this. This is nonsense, this is nonsense, this is illegal. I started to seriously consider taking legal action on this issue. Because that’s how they confiscate my money.


Steady on - no one is ripping you off :slight_smile:

If you made a direct payment by credit or debit card, then it should go back to the card. However, if you used a card to buy credits, or used credits to buy the item which you then returned later, then the refund will go back to your Envato credit and not your card.

And by he do you mean the author credited money back to you - it sounds a bit confusing.

This is not true no matter what. I don’t want to buy anything. I don’t want a credit balance. I want my money refunded. This is absolutely not true. There is no explanation for this other than fraud.


Follow that link and contact Envato directly - a forum cannot help you get a refund

Choose Making A Payment
Then on the next page choose I need help with a payment I’ve made under Tell Us More, and then explain your issues to them.

Typically support will do their best to help with this.

However for context -

a) A 'mistaken purchase does not actually warrant a refund necessarily, so applying as credit may be a way of preventing any risk of fraud (not aimed specifically at your case)

b) Envato’s terms do state that if items are purchased using credits (the thread above does not make it clear if this is the case here) then the funds would only be returned as credits. (Point 16 Envato Market Terms | ThemeForest)


This problem still persists. This was the result of a completely wrong purchase. I still have not received a refund of the credit balance.