Why is my track rejected?

Good afternoon! Very need advice from experienced users! Two times sent track on the review: both times received refusal. The second time-a hard refusal.
Request no one not undergo past and listen my track. :slightly_smiling_face:
I really need your references. :slightly_smiling_face:

I apologize for my English. Thanks!

Hello! In my opinion this is a very pleasant and “sedative” track, but I think that it does not sound commercially viable or a bit outdated. Try to listen to the top tracks in the same genre here!
Good luck!:wink:

Man, just study arangement, harmony and mixing. Obvious reject. A lot to things to write… Good luck, man!

Hi! The arrangement is bad. Diversify the harmony, the bass line is monotonous, the melody is monotonous - add more notes in different parts, somewhere change the duration of the notes, make the melody more lively, humanisation it. Mixing - percussion, hi-hat - do it little louder and in the center and make it cleaner - (EQ), guitar in the left channel is weak, plastic, has no body. In general, more focused should be paid to the arrangement. Good luck! Sorry for my English.