Why is my mockup rejected?

Hi mates!
Can anyone help me figure out why my mockup was rejected? The feedback I got was “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”

I followed all guidelines… It has 4 different POVs. Everything is labeled, editable. Even BG.
Here’s a preview:

Any help will be appreciated!!


hi i an sorry to tell u just that ,as no doubt that u tried to do your best , but the item that u have here is miles away from nowadays standards indeed. First of all the global style and typo are lacking finesse, these whole of elements are very big , take much space and they do not look really adapted to what seems to be your target in the end … the issue also is that the only touch of graphic design that u have here is the logo part but that this is meant to be replaced and as such, i do not seee why would people buy an item like this, that they could possibly redo without having huge skills or using much time indeed. In addition, in most of the files u have a problem with the way texts are placed as a good deal of them are not equally dispatched and that a lot of them are too close from edges. The balance of the document is not the right one, this is not calibrated as expected so that the document looks harmonious, has equal spacing between elements and paragraphs