Mockup has been rejected

Hello everyone!

My first mockup was rejected today, because " it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward".
Also, why wouldn’t I be able to re-submit this item again? Does it mean there’s no point making it better and fixing the problem?

this is my project and all information :


please I need help to Understand why it has been rejected and do better next time.

Thank you :slight_smile:

First of all the mockup is only one view it means it is one file you have to put different view and several choices. Secondly your design must not be ssimilar to other designs it should be unique. Hope it help you good luck

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Beside the quality of your products you should also avoid typos in your product images. “Hight Resolution…” “Photorelastic” "This item only one

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Except for your previous advice Do you think there is a design error or abnormal ??

It looks ok, but it’s just one perspective, people make 5+ even 10 in one package. That’s the main problem, second thing with mockups is that everything someone can replicate in no time is not worth selling. You need to make more complex and unique scenes to get approved. Good luck!

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