Why I moved to selling stock music.

So I worked on freelancing sites composing music rarely for good money and most of the time getting the job was very frustrating, the issue I thought about the most is people using my music and having no rights after selling the music (see that ghost producer thing a lot).
so if you work as a freelancer on those sites what are the precautions that you take so no one resells your music again.

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Thanks for sharing this. :slight_smile:

Register everything you do to a PRO to keep your intellectual property / protect your music. Bonus : receive royalties from diffusions.


if you did a freelance job and you don’t know either the title of the music which the client will release or the place it will be release how registering with a PRO possible?

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I don’t get it.
If you work as a freelancer, I thought, that you get an order to compose something special for a project.
I also thought, that the rights for publishing goes to the client.
I also thought, that if this work got pirated, your client should be concerned, but not you as composer.
Or am I wrong? Is the concept of freelancing sites different as in my imagination?

Yeah, I went down that road back in 2015. I was pretty tired of the neverending feedback rounds and the low rates and saw stock music as an amazing alternative. It actually became my main income for roughly 6 years. Then, all this happened. They (or we) blasted it all to hell.

But back to your topic, I ALWAYS register in my PRO all the custom works I do and still get some income from that. Nowadays, I went all the way back to freelancing and teaching. The truth, sadly, is that single licensing is going down and very soon it will be only a rusty old memory like video rentals, arcades and all that stuff.

Always positive, always inspiring, living the lifestyle, bling-bling, successful mindset and all that! :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: