Why I can't transfer my money below 50$ to my PayPal

When I dont want a theme I request you and you refund it. but I can not transfer my money to my payple account why…?
Why you are hanging my amount to you.?

How did you pay originally?

Did you pay straight for the theme including any handling fees?


Did you make a deposit of credits to your account and pay from that?

First I add $30 to my account and then pay for theme.

If it was made via deposit to your account then the refund is returned in the same way see point 16 and 28 in the T&Cs of buying https://themeforest.net/legal/market

But I want to return my amount to my Payple from my account.
Now What Should I do.

You can’t withdraw funds from your account back to Paypal unless it is author earnings and over $50

Ok if I Add more $20 to my account then I can withdraw or not…?

No - only money that you earn as an author can be withdrawn.

If it is simply a deposit made to buy an item then it is not possible to refund it to PayPal or withdraw it irrelevant of the amount

Why Not …?
if I dont like your product. How can you keep my amount with you.

Just refund it to my PayPal account otherwise give me contact information of your sales team or your head or Department.

Firstly I don’t work for envato.

If you disagree with how things work then, with respect, you shouldn’t have accepted the T&Cs when purchasing the item.

I suggest that you speak to support here Envato Help & Support Center

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