How can I get my deposit back?

I recently bought a wordpress theme, then saw that it was just the HTML template of it.

So I got the money “back”.

Then I bought the real template.

But I just saw that I actually never got the money back. It is as a “deposit” on my account. And it didnt even use the money for the second order.

How can I get that money on my paypal account and why didnt it subtract itself from the next order automatically?

Hi there!

Please check this article Which Author Payment Option Do I Choose?. Basically you can send your money back to your paypal only if you have more than $50 in your account.

Min values

  • PayPal / Skrill / Poyoneer: $50;
  • SWIFT: $500


So basically you are saying there is no way I can get it back and I made the mistake of not choosing that payment method?

Yes, as I know, you can transfer less than $50 to your bank/paypal!

My suggestion is to submit a ticket to Envato and explain your problem. I’m sure, the help team will give you assistance within this case.


thanks that helps!

searched my ass of for that contact form and could not find any for like an hour…

Perfect! Glad I could give indications!

Hope you can solve your problem easily :slight_smile:

It seems you misunderstood. He’s not the author and what he wanted to get back the money from the refund he got earlier.
Usually, Envato should refund the money to your paypal ( they should’ve asked the way you preferred )
Contact support and ask for the refund to your PayPal. If you’re planning to spend that money, just leave it that way

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Envato does not refund deposits even if they are expired. I should know. They refused to reinstate my expired deposit.

When did they expire? They say they ‘may’ be able to reinstate them if they expired ‘recently’… maybe it was just too long.