Why Envato Forum Profile Doesn't Shows Active Badges of An Author

Hi everyone,
I noticed that the Envato Forum profile doesn’t shows real active badges of an author. I had checked out several author profiles of Envato Forum. But on their Envato Forum profile, it shows different. Suppose, it shows Author Level 5, but actually the author has reached on Author Level 7. Also, it shows only 5 badges on forum, but on the main Envato profile [ThemeForest], the author has 11 badges. My question is, How to update the badges on Envato Forum? Because it is really confusing between the two profile [ThemeForest & Forum]. Please anyone suggest how to make the same on both profile!

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It’s optional. You can disable/enable the badges from your account

Thanks for the reply. But I want to know, how to update the badges. Like as I said, suppose, I’m on Author Level 7 now with 4 new badges. But on my Envato Forum, it shows Author Level 5 with few badges. So, how can I update my account with my new badges? Please suggest!

Oh, it’s because the forum badges are not being updated automatically. Time to time, there’s a schedule to update the information from the Marketplace but I’m not sure how often they do it.

Check this page anyway.

forums. envato. com/u/USERNAME/badges

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The page you’ve gave does not exist!

Change it with your username/id

Click your profile > preferences > admin > badges