I can't choose Badges to show

I can’t choose Badges to show:

Please note: This issue only appears after I become an Elite Author

Same here. Noticed this issue about 2-3 weeks ago.


Here was that topic are closed

But no worry you can ask question they will reply with details
From Envato Community Team @KingDog

Please Can you @KingDog reply here for author of @thembay

Hi @unlockdesign,

I know about that. I did that before. But now I can not, so I asked the question here.

Is this a problem?

I’m also facing that but did’t ask anyone cause it’s not more important things

i think you can wait for from Envato community team member or moderator.

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We’re having our meeting with Discourse tomorrow and we’re going to ask about it :grin:


I think I fixed this problem. :crossed_fingers: Unfortunately I had to reset everyone’s chosen badges. Please give it a try and let me know if there are still problems.


yes working now but as from past experience once I update with badges then if again try to update the badges can’t be select. Is there any posibility to face this problem again.

Yes It’s working Let’s try Man :+1::+1:
Thanks @KingDog Thanks a lot for Profile Badge Return :heart::heart:

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I know it is working. Out of inteterest are you able to change the badges after first update?

I have changed right now then reply here :sunglasses::sunglasses:


really great. Actually it was the main problem. So now all is fine. Thanks to Envato Development Team. :+1: