How to Display your Badges on the Forum


You’ve probably noticed the little badges that have started popping up after our current updates. We’re happy to introduce the new ability to display your badges on the forums. Here’s how you do it:

Click on your Avatar image and select Preferences (the little gear :gear: icon)

On the left side menu click on Profile

At the bottom under Badges to show, you can choose up to 6 badges that you want to display.

Click Save Changes button.

That’s all you have to do! Now your badges will display under your avatar when you post. You can change which badges are displayed whenever you like.

Have fun!


there are some issue when i use less then 4 badges.
image image image


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It’s currently designed to display that way. Maybe someday we’ll change it or tweak it. But for now it’s working as designed :smiley:

Ha. Ha. Okey thanks.


The spacing between avatar and badges ?

Edit its in mobile

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Nice, but badges are way too small tbh. Anyways on the good path thanks for the tutorial.

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We’ll probably see how things look and then make adjustments as we go. It’s a delicate balance between how many badges we can show and what size before they become too distracting :smiley:

I am sure there was a battle & howto there before you came to this result so it’s fine atm.

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I have 23… soon to get the 24th… hmmm, I think the forum can’t handle me! :joy:


Nice, I am seeing a “Community support level 2” badge, but I guess shows only here on the forums (and not on my main profile)

Yes that’s currently only a forum badge.

Which totally makes sense, but I am glad to see I got it :slight_smile:

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Got it, not it’s showing haha

Thank you .

thank you

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Hello, We just did it. Looks good :slight_smile:

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Nice, now people can see our badges and trust us more :slight_smile:

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I get an “internal server error” when I try to edit my displayed badges. It also won’t let me display any more than 5. Couldn’t find any way to contact forum support so maybe this is the place!

I had the same issues. Try to keep playing with it, remove the badges, re-add them etc. Eventually it will work.


Thank you!

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I’ve tried dozens of different combinations and different browsers and nothing has worked. Same error every time, just seems very buggy. ¯\(ツ)

Edit: Ok, just as I said that I now I see that the badges have actually changed…:roll_eyes:

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