Why didn't my work upload successfully? No one told me?

Why didn’t my work upload successfully? No one told me?

hi @wiaini518

Your designs was hard rejects? please upload format .jpg because we can help you thanks.

Perhaps you aren’t aware of the review process? If that’s the case, every item gets put into a review queue and will likely take a few days at least to be reviewed. After your item is reviewed it will either be accepted or rejected (soft or hard), a soft rejection means that it’s almost ready to be accepted, but you just need to make a few adjustments, which the reviewer will tell you exactly what needs to be done, this could be things like wrong file naming, incorrect category, etc. usually small technical details. A hard rejection means that your item still needs a lot of work before being accepted, and the reviewer won’t be able to give you much of any details. Small adjustments will not be enough to get a hard rejected item accepted, your need to basically remake the item into something very different from the original. A lot of people come here to the forum to get feedback on their rejected items, there are a few of us here that often help with understanding your rejection and give some tips on what could be done better.

You will always receive an email regarding whether it’s been accepted or rejected, and the type of rejection. If you haven’t seen an email in that nature, then it might have been filtered as spam. If it’s still waiting to be reviewed, then you can see the status of all you currently queued items on your Dashboard. You can get there by going to the Marketplace website (GraphicRiver), click on your profile name in the upper right corner, to down to Author Settings in the dropdown list, then click Dashboard, all currently queued items will be shown in the right side column. If it’s not there and you haven’t seen an email, try checking your Hidden Items, you can check that by clicking Hidden Items in the row under your profile pic/name on the Dashboard page. Hidden Items are any items that have been soft rejected, allowing you to see what it will look like on the marketplace, and make edits to the files, description, etc. without having to reupload everything. If it was in fact accepted, you will find it in your Portfolio.

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hi there are some bugs for a good while now , just close the window, open a new one and u will see that indeed all have been uploaded already … despite the error message …

Hello, I am a professional Chinese decorative painting designer. But I didn’t receive the rejection message from the email. How can I solve this problem?

How can I solve this problem? And I didn’t get a rejection from my email

If you’ve checked all the places I mentioned, and you still don’t see anything, contact Envato Support, they’ll be able to tell you the status of your submission. Keep in mind that it can take a few days for them to reply due to high volumes of support tickets they receive, and I don’t think they work on weekends, so it might be some time next week.

Thank you, friend.