First download Help

Tell me please. I uploaded my first file (Background), the “Upload is currently processing” process went. He walked for about a day, and after that he disappeared from the Personal Account page, but did not appear in the profile. Nowhere I can find it loaded or not, and if not, then why and how to fix it. Thank you in advance

when you open a new profile, the standart email notificaitons are set differently. you need to open the mail notification which is related to uploaded files. If you cant see your design in your portfolio that means it’s soft or hard rejected. check your “hidden items”. If it is not there that means its hard rejeceted. For future uploads; Remember to open those mail notifications from profile settings

hi normally in most of cases if the item is gone from the dashboard this means that the item was reviewed and in almost all cases, u should have received a notification that ended up in the spam folder letting u know that the item was hard rejected …