I can`t see my mockup in portfolio but no any rejected mail in my account

Hello @GraphicDD

If you do not receive any e-mails, you may not have the Item Review Notification box checked. Please go to Settings → Email Settings and check the “Item Review Notifications” box.

If you do have that option enabled, please check all your e-mails - including the Spam Folder.

If you cannot see the item in your portfolio and it is not in the Hidden Items tab, then it most likely got Hard Rejected.

This is definitely a rejection. You are far away from nowadays standards.

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hi indeed, u should check your spam folder , no doubt that the rejection message is out there … as there is no way your item can be approved and such. Maybe a delayed email or it got in the spam folder, I have no idea but the bottom line is that u cannot expect any other thing that the item to be rejected , sorry