Why are free files for July 2024 not downloadable ?

The title is self explanatory. Homepage shows certain files for download and they show $ value when opened (instead of download free)

Heya! I’ll be updating them shortly. Thanks!

Same problem :slight_smile:

Very grateful for these monthly nuggets, but issue remains… :slight_smile:

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Might be a slow server update caching issue, but here is the direct link to the FFoM page - Free Files of the Month on ThemeForest

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Thank you, and I might have found the issue, the files on the page you linked to above, are different than the files listed under the July 2024 free files “posting” on the different section bottoms :slight_smile:

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I am facing the same issue pleas help me how to solve it i have tried many time

Hi @jimmyroe111,

The issue has solved and now all is fine as mentioned in above reply. Please clear browser cache and try again.


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