Why are free files for June 2024 not downloadable ?

I am trying to download or visit the item pages for the different items in June 2024 free files section, and it is not activating the “Download for Free” button even when I am logged in.

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Hello! I’ll be updating the list with this month’s free files shortly. Thanks!

Any updates on this @KingDog

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Just finished :grin:

View of home page > free files

free file item page - not showing Download For Free

Am I missing something here?

Those are last month’s free files. Here are this month’s - Free Files of the Month on ThemeForest


Hi @KingDog - buddy I am at the tail end of May as it seems. Would it be somewhat possible to at least gain access to some of the files as they are still showing free in my part of the world ?

Unfortunately once the month turns over in Melbourne Australia last month’s free files are gone. Sorry!

I stop getting those in my email for some reason.