Why are all logos created for the graphicriver rejected

Why are all logos created for the graphicriver rejected?

Do you think about these 2 logos?

Help me pls!

I like the top one, although it would only work if the company want the letters Y and A on their logo. So as a concept it’s probably not considered sellable here. The bottom one I think could be approved with a bit of improvement. The crown is a bit small, maybe make it a bit more prominent as it’s a crucial part of the concept of the logo. Also watch out for small or fiddly details, those should be avoided on logos.

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Ok, thank you very much sir!

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The presentation is correct? Or is it not very important?

The presentation looks pretty good, although those white lines distract from the small text. You may not need “black and white version” text, it’s ok just to show the different variations. Also you’re not allowed to put a copyright message on the preview.

Thank you very much for help !

I will try to be as creative as possible and post