Helping Me Understand My Rejections (Logos)

Hey All,

I put together 5 logos and submitted them all to GraphicRiver - they all got rejected. The file formats and mock-ups I think are okay as I provided in the .zip PNGs/JPGS/EPS/PDF/AI/Font.txts etc.

I tried to keep the design within most people’s remits/abilities when buying a logo - no crazy fonts they won’t understand etc.

I was hoping someone could potentially help me understand why they may have been rejected. Are they too basic, the market is flooded with them, etc?

It’s just so that if I do further ones in the future I avoid wasting time. Thanks in advance for help/guidance! I’ve attached an example preview below:


I am not a logo expert but my opinion is that your logo already has a graphicriver market, you can make a more unique design, it will be approved, but your colors are ok, letters too, but you need to add the logo “your tagline here” below the text, good luck.

Already similiar your logo approved graphicriver: