Why 02


hello friends
why my logo templates are rejected.
please help me.
thank you.


this is nice, maybe the name


no this is not lol this is meant to be changed anyway … if so @graphicganga can scream, that will be legitimate …


hi indeed, i see several issues , the first one is that the font is too plain and not really so much in keeping with the style of the rest … the lower pink shape also looks uneven at a time and this is hurting the way the logo looks, no doubt that they will not let u go with a mistake like this when they have to reject lots of items daily in this category … but the good thing is that this is all easy to fix , maybe u can change the name also i u feel like it then lol


now that is the problem.


the name is better but still have an issue about the typo in my view and the additional circle over is not bringing anything to the table if u ask me …