Which is the best free theme for creating an ecommerce website?

I want to know which is the best free theme to design a e-commerce website with more than 100 products

That’s quite ambiguous - for example on Wordpress? Prestashop? Magento? Shoplift? Etc.

That’s quite a lot of products for a free option and you are almost certainly going to find features being very constrained

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I am so sorry for not to be specific. But I really want to know which platform is best for creating an e-commerce website.

It depends on so many things like how technical your knowledge is? What products you are selling? What payment systems are needed? Who/how would handle that? Etc etc

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Every platform has its advantages and disadvantages.

Speed can be an issue with a lot of products if they each have a lot of variations.

In addition, do yourself a favour and buy a theme! It will pay itself back in no time.