My 2 cents on "Free" Ecommerce Platforms..

Well, I was wondering the actual situation on some free Ecommerce Platforms and I did some research on the web.
What I discovered at the end was really a big surprise…
Firstly I did the classic search “Prestashop vs magento vs opencart vs woocommerce etc” and as expected I found always the same kind of features compares and hundreds of pseudo reviews.
What is commonly said is that magento is better for medium/big companies and has the best SEO as woocommerce does.
Prestashop and opencart have a “less helping community” and more problems with updates and modules.
Alexa is considering Woocommerce the most used platform for ecommerce and with magento one of the most used for top 10k ecommerce website. Always the same considerations…

So I did my research and looked a 3 different markets where those platforms are common.
Then I choose 3 different categories of products and did some research on some of this products on google.
Well the average search results on google gives in this sequence Opencart - Prestashop - Woocommece and Magento.
I expected Magento and Woocomerce to give some laps to the others but strangely the result was opposite.
Secondly i checked on Alexa the ranking of this websites and discovered that in opencart website had a higher rank compared to all the others.
From this results I got the consideration that or who runs Opencart or Prestashop gives more attention to its SEO activity, or probably Woocommerce and Magento SEO are not as smart as I expected.