Opencart or Wordpress ecommerce, some difficuilt questions.

Hello all,

We know all there are a lot of themes for ecommerce opensource software.
Now i want to try to open a new webshop for a customerbase that is new to this brand.

To achieve my goal i must create a shop/design that pops-out that gives the customer safe shopping and easy-to-use ordering. I dont have a large server or strong server hosting for like magento etc. I have hosting for just €22,- per year so opencart/wordpress etc are the software i want to use.

For my current shop i am using opencart with the Journal theme ordered from this site.
Uhm i dont know nothing about wordpress ecommerce this will be my first one if i open this shop.

  1. Its a smartphone shop i want to open
  2. Opencart of Wordpress
  3. Themes, witch opensource software haves more themes for themes like gadgets/smartphones
  4. To achieve my goal i must do a lot of SEO/ADWORDS, so what is better for SEO?
  5. Back-end using, i am now on opencart i thin, and its now responsive and its pritty easy to use.
    Wordpress is new to me ecommerce wp-ecommerce etc, what is better?

I know this is for every person different, but if there is an overal score on both software from 0-100

(design will be importan for me)

Wordpress + proberly with wp-ecommerce or the other one…

Hope you understand my questions, and sorry for the bad english. Did not do so well at school for english learning.
Living in HOLLAND.