Which categories or designs should I build for HubSpot themes?

For HubSpot themes, Is thr any subject / category list?
2. Can we use any design from our existing portfolio?

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Any answer for my questions?

Sorry we’re getting those details together soon :smiley:

Excited to get started!

Hi @Jthemes!

There’s some information that may help you in our Getting Started guide:

For your first question, the end users of HubSpot’s CMS Hub are mostly marketers, and HubSpot has a strong focus on website visitor conversion. Therefore, you may need to give greater consideration to how your theme supports the user journey and conversion path than you do with a typical WordPress theme or basic informational website.

In terms of customer niches:

HubSpot customers come from a wide range of industries, which you may want to keep in mind when choosing niches to develop a new theme or port over an existing theme design for, including but not limited to:

  • Computer Software
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Financial Services
  • Education
  • Management Consulting
  • Real Estate
  • Hospital & Health Care
  • Health, Wellness, and Fitness
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Leisure, Travel, and Tourism
  • Human Resources

For your second question, yes - you can definitely adapt designs from your existing portfolio. Porting across item designs that are already performing well for other systems (Shopify, WordPress etc) is a great approach, as you’ll already have a good idea of what works for existing customers.

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  1. General Landing pages are allowed?
  2. How many main home payouts should be thr? Or a single home layout with inner pages is enough?

Hey JThemes,

To best answer your questions, I would recommend taking a quick look at some of the themes that are currently on our marketplace. In those, you can see some offer a variety of templates inside their themes (in the marketplace listing detail view you can see a toggle sidebar that allows you to see the contents of the theme).

The amount of templates you include in the theme is up to you. Something to think about when deciding the number of templates to offer is:

Is the theme geared toward any business industry or a specific one?

If the theme can be used in any industry, then having multiple homepage variations as well as interior page variations might be beneficial (as seen in the Clean theme here). If your theme is instead for use by a single industry then one homepage variation with minimal interior templates might suffice (as seen in the Atomic Healthcare Theme).

Something to keep in mind when developing templates in your theme is by using the drag-and-drop areas in your template, you can extend to the users the ability to edit the structure and content of a page. You can view this video here for more on this: https://play.vidyard.com/g5kieAUP2d4wmUgcAe2oCo

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.



Thanks AJ!

@Jthemes - for ThemeForest, we require that you follow Hubspot’s minimum theme requirements, which require at least one website template, a landing page template, blog templates, and system page templates themes. So a landing page-only template would not be accepted.

As a reminder, you can start with Hubspot’s open source boilerplate to ensure this minimum requirement is met. Beyond this you can include as many other templates and modules as you wish, up to the maximum of 50 templates and 50 modules per theme.

We also recommend checking out Hubspot’s recent hackathon theme contest winners for more inspiration, and to get a sense of how to make your own themes stand out. You can see exactly how many pages and modules are included in these themes (as well as the specific types of pages/modules available) on their Hubspot listing pages. All the top themes there contain over a dozen page templates and modules each.

If you decide to make a simpler “one page” style theme with fewer templates, we suggest providing more theme modules to make the site as flexible and customer-friendly as possible.


How long it will take for approval? Im asking because I heard that sometimes it takes months to get. theme approved on HubSpot

Hi @Jthemes! Average review time for new CMS Theme items on ThemeForest is currently 4 days (with a similar 4-day average turnaround for resubmissions), according to this page:


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I got a question, I would like to make HS theme but design author is different so is that OK?

Any answers on my question?

Hi @plexdesigns, from a HubSpot standpoint, we often have authors who collaborate with other designers/devs to build a theme. To better answer your question, can you expand a little bit on the “but design author is different” part?

Are you referring to working with another user who is a designer to build a theme together or are you referring to purchasing a design from an author and converting it to a HubSpot theme?


Yes, On Themeforest usually we build themes with different authors design where we either buy theme design or we collaborate so just wanted to make sure that its allowed for this campaign

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Hi @plexdesigns. Are you asking about a collaboration with another Envato author? (i.e. someone else creates the design, and you adapt it for use in HubSpot’s CMS Hub).

If so, our normal author collaboration guidelines should apply. I’ll double check with the rest of the team though, and will post here to confirm the answer.

I have submitted but its taking too long in approval process. Is thr anyway I can get it approved fast?

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