CMS Hub library is live!

Hi @Hubspot-Authors

As you know, we’ve now officially launched HubSpot CMS Hub Themes to customers on ThemeForest.

We want to say a massive thank you for being part of the initial launch library. With our marketing campaign now live, feel free to promote your HubSpot themes on social media or to your email list.

Check out some of your fellow Authors’ amazing work here .

We also have a blog post in the works with HubSpot, our exclusive launch partner. So keep an eye out for their top tips on creating more HubSpot CMS Hub Themes later this month.



This is great news :slight_smile:

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@bethanyg3 Since the category was live, there are only a few sales from more than 20 of our items. Do you have any plan to make it better? :frowning:

Hi @bkninja,

As HubSpot continues to build it’s CMS Hub customer base, we expect to see increased sales and traffic to our CMS Hub Theme library. This will take some time but we are expecting interest to build.

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Hi @bethanyg3,

Thank you for your reply. Hope that everything will be better soon.

Are there any Hubspot CMS templates in Elements? I can’t see any…