Where to find transparent clipart free for commercial use?

Hi, I’m looking for some festive transparent clipart for use in my thumbnails. Anyone know of a great website for this?


Just a thought, but given that we like people to pay for our music for commercial use maybe we should be prepared to pay other people to use their clipart for commercial use? :slight_smile:

Though I cannot post all the site addresses here because they are direct competitors to Envato, there are quite a few online stock art markets that often offer free files with regular license and / or incredible promotions. I can only suggest you to sign up for their newsletters so that you know when they have something you might be interested.

But there will be stock arts / fonts you want to get by spending money when you find the worth of paying for the work. It gives you a boost and saves your time.

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I’m just starting up and am broke lol… I’d be happy to pay once I can afford to but for now I’m looking for places where people are willingly giving it out for free :slight_smile:

okay cool will look into it :slight_smile: and yeah I do wanna pay for the work but am very tight for cash atm so am going the free but legit way for now… thanks for the advice, I’ll sign up to a bunch of diff sites.

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Also I’ve given out more than my fair share of free music in the past so I’m not all take haha :stuck_out_tongue: