Where to find girl model photos for flyer templates.

Many of the flyer templates have girl models on them that are not included and I am wondering if anyone knows what sites to go to in order to get them. Thanks.

you may use photodune.net or officialpsds.com
edit: (don’t use any models from official psds to market your items.)

Do not use OfficialPSDs for your model stock.

You should check out this article written by Envato’s CEO, Collis: http://notes.envato.com/authors/how-to-find-creative-commons-content-to-use-in-marketplace-items/

Thank you both for your replies,
I have been a member of photodune for a few years and have been looking there for stock model photos for a while. The most popular girls that I see being used by people who are creating flyers here in graphic river are not available in photodune. All I wanted to do was find out where I could get those images too. Any help is appreciated.

What Roc said… wich officialp… wasnt the only one… know of any others?

You can check Depositphoto, Shuterstock and Fotolia. Most of this places sale same images. The difference is the subscription plan and single one off buy price.

Guys, please. 2 years old thread?

The only place to find decent photos of models is Photodune.net. Period :wink: