looking for help

hi all i was checking all of graphicriver flyers designers and i saw in all flyers alot of amazing and cool elements like tree,speaker,background, and more .
And i know that graphicriver not accepted free elements from google or officialpsd or another websites all elements should be paid or capture from my camera so i don’t have agood camera and don’t have visa to buy elements from imageshock or another website , so is there any free website i can grape psd elements to put it in my flyers accepted on graphicriver website rules ?
is there any one help me please on that and i will be pleasure :smiley: Thanks

Go to behance and search for free flyer, font or anything you need you will get downloads there! :smiley: Hope it helped!
For stock photos I use Pixabay! :grinning:

but i think behance and pixabay not very cool for what i’m looking for i’m looking for website like officialpsd it’s elements accepted on graphicriver