Where can I download the most recent updated version of ENFOLD?

I had bought the ENFOLD theme years ago for a site and it hasn’t autoupdated ever. It now has a highly problematic error because of a plugin in the theme and my site is not operating of course at a critical moment. I need to get a copy of the most current version and inexplicably I don’t see where to locate it. I don’t see anywhere on the site how to get the most updated version. No button, no link - nothing. Please make this easy on me - where can I get the most updated zip file? It is urgent. Thank you!

Are the versions purchased in my envato page updated? They don’t show what versions they are for download - so I do not know if they remain the original or if they are most current?

You can do it from the theme options Theme update – Enfold Documentation

Alternatively you can get it from your downloads page (assuming you are logged in) WordPress Themes & Website Templates from ThemeForest - Just re download the theme and it will be the latest version.

Be aware that if you have not updated in a long time then it may not be as simple as just uploading the latest copy. Make sure you have backed up your site in full before doing anything.

Thank you - it wasn’t clear what version was available on my downloads page. I appreciate the reply.