When to upload Christmas tracks?


Do you have opinions on when is a good time to upload Christmas tracks? Interested to hear your observations/experiences.

We were wondering if it is already too late to hope for placements in “bigger” projects but maybe not too late for smaller projects or holiday greetings etc.

Oh and sorry if this topic has already been discussed. Did not find a whole lot with forum search.


Just a tip: Not in summer :laughing:


Haha, yeah we figured that much :slight_smile:


I’ve uploaded 3 Christmas tracks in October and even in November I will upload one. However I didn’t see any booming sales, so I think that the period could be from October to end of November, but keep in mind 5 to 10 days for approval.

However I will try to upload one Christmas track, 2-3 weeks before Christmas and see what happens. There are still many companies that can work on “last minute” ideas, so you never know…

There are still many companies that can work on "last minute" ideas

You’d be surprised, but not all companies are preparing something before Christmas…I know some companies who make recordings of their Christmas parties and only after the New Year’s Eve they start editing the final corporate movie => only then they need Christmas audio tracks…

And in some countries, the Christmas is celebrated after 1st January :slight_smile:

So I think the best period it’s 1 November - 30 January.


Good points! Haven’t really thought of that Christmas tracks could also sell afterwards.


The last Christmas track I’ve ulpoaded it on November 16 and I will upload another one In about 2-3 weeks.


I’m thinking about doing one right now, but I guess after 10 days reviewing time it’ll be too late. :confused:


Strangely…or maybe not - I sold a Christmas track in April so I think you should always have on offer seasonal tracks all the year round.