When is the best moment to submit Christmas tracks?

Hi there! :slight_smile:
the title says it all…I was wondering when to submit…november? December?
thanks for your advices!

I Think in November )

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I have one in the queue at he moment and I uploaded one in September that sold so waiting for a particular time does not really matter IMHO.

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January is the best time for the next year! :wink:


I just uploaded it today.

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Yesterday. The best time to upload anything is yesterday.


Well, thank you all
good sales to you guys.

I’ve already started to upload that christmas stuff!

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Depends on your audience. Movie producers want months in advance, show writers need a few days to a week to write before everything is passed to the audio designer so 1-2 week buffers, independent developers can make changes a mere 2-3 days before publishing their content and often less but occasionally more, videographers vary but can make changes a day or two before submitting the final product to the client, personal users can use it whenever wherever. Some of these people will create content for the holidays, some of them will create content despite the holidays. Ad designers can be a combination of these, they may need writing and then to hire actors which includes taking the time to sort through candidates and contact agencies too, or it can be straight forward and simple video editing.


I upload now! we’ll see!

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